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SP 8000 Tape Head

Unsecure seals can cause problems along the supply chain, resulting in production issues, downtime and higher costs due to reworks, in addition to increasing the risk of product damage, contamination and theft caused by cartons popping open. The ShurSEAL® Solution is designed to deliver quality, secure seals, while also maximizing packaging line efficiencies to keep them running longer and faster.

At Shurtape, we know you demand a secure seal every time. And, we know you understand the importance of uptime and keeping your lines running at peak production. This is what guides and inspires us to develop efficiently engineered packaging solutions that:

  • Reduce material waste
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase safety
  • Increase content security
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Case Sealing Should Be Simple. Cartons Go In, Tape Is Applied, And Sealed Cartons Are Palletized For Transport Or Storage.

In reality, application of packaging tape isn’t an exact science. It’s a delicate balance between the packaging machine, corrugated box, tape applicator and packaging tape. Each element must work together to ensure cartons are sealed and closed securely to keep products inside safe.

Several factors, ranging from environmental conditions to tape stretch, can impact the quality and reliability of the case seal, as well as the uptime of the packaging line.

So how can manufacturers enhance the performance of their carton sealing equipment? One solution is to give the system more reliability. And that can be done with Folded Edge® Technology.

Folding the edges of the tape as it’s applied essentially kisses the adhesive together to produce an edge that’s double the thickness of the tape. This creates a more uniform, stronger tape edge, which enhances the reliability of the seal, the productivity of the case sealing process, and even the safety of tape removal for those unpacking carton contents.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Folded Edge Technology, available exclusively on ShurSEAL Packaging Solutions? Read our Double-Down on Case Sealing Success article.

No matter the application, we craft our packaging solutions to one simple standard. Yours.

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