Retrofit Tape Head

For Automated Packaging Systems
ShurSEAL Retrofit Tape Head

SP 7000 Tape Head

Automated packaging solution that combines Shurtape HP Series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc tape applicator for better carton seals and packaging line efficiency. This ShurSEAL Packaging Solution delivers consistent and secure seals, carton after carton.

  • Easily retrofits into packaging machinery, including leading brands of case erectors and case sealers
  • Folded-Edge Technology reinforces seal strength and creates a no-knife-to-open seal
  • Stainless steel wash-down ready construction
  • Open design for easy threading
  • Front and rear tab length adjustments
  • Consistent seals at speeds up to 180 fpm
  • Multiple wipe-down points for full use of the tape’s adhesive

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Wipe-Down Force: Secure Seals Every Time

Unmatched wipe-down force of the PrimeLoc tape applicator partnered with the industry’s highest holding power packaging tape creates a secure seal to protect your company’s bottom line.

Self-Cleaning Safety Blade

Self-Cleaning Safety Blade

PrimeLoc tape applicators are designed with a self-cleaning safety blade that delivers clean, straight cuts.