71% More Wipe-Down Pressure to Keep Case Seals Intact

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Wipe-Down HeroPoor case seals are often caused by insufficient adhesion of the tape to the carton, and can lead to case reworks, in addition to product theft, contamination and damage – all of which are costly.

That’s why we put the pressure on with ShurSEAL – to deliver secure, tamper-evident seals, even on under-filled cartons:

  • HP Series packaging tape produces an instant, permanent bond with cartons to keep them secured
  • PrimeLoc tape heads offer unmatched wipe-down force via multiple, flexible wipe-down points that allow for full utilization of the tape’s adhesive

What does this combination of tape and tape application technology mean for case seals? A better seal.

With proper application, more of the tape’s adhesive is used, creating a more secure seal. That means more throughput with less reworks due to poor case seals, more security via visible fiber tear to eliminate tampering and theft, and the peace of mind that your cartons – and their contents – will stay safe and secure, from your facility to the final destination.

Pressure is On Infographic
The importance of wipe-down pressure during case taping


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