Open Design for Easy Tape Threading

SP 7000

SP 7000 Thread PathDowntime is often an unfortunate result of rethreading tape in your sealing system, especially if the tape applicator you’re running has a difficult thread path.

Most tape applicators are designed with a front plate, which can make it hard to maneuver tape during a reload. PrimeLoc tape applicators feature an open design that makes splicing or hand-threading quick and easy.

It’s as simple as placing the adhesive side of the tape on the knurled rollers and the film side on the smooth rollers. And, with instructional arrows that guide the way, you can get your packaging lines back up and running in no time.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

And, if downtime still has your high-speed, high throughput operation down, check out the Quick Change Tape Head for even faster tape roll changeovers.


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