Eliminate Downtime from Slow Tape Roll Changeovers

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Quick Change GifTape roll changes can be time-consuming and costly to your line efficiency and your bottom line. Oftentimes, the process is hindered by the amount of time required to thread a roll of tape or to fix an incorrectly threaded tape applicator.

The Quick Change case sealing system is designed for fast-paced, high-volume manufacturing facilities where every second counts.

The unique design of this case sealer allows for quick and easy tape roll changeovers: Simply remove the empty insert and replace it with a second, pre-threaded insert – in as little as 10 seconds. The interchangeable inserts are also universal to the top and bottom units, so there’s no need to store extra pieces.

It’s easy on your lines – and also your operators. The Quick Change tape applicator inserts are up to 60 percent lighter in weight than traditional tape applicators, which is an especially important consideration for bottom unit changeovers where straining and lifting can increase the risk of back injury, not to mention the stress on operators who have to crawl on the floor to change tape rolls.

Plus, there’s no sacrifice of seal quality. The Quick Change sealing system delivers all the benefits of our traditional ShurSEAL system, including enhanced wipe-down force and Folded Edge® Technology, with a quick changeover design.


ShurSEAL Quick Change Sealing System Infographic

ShurSEAL Quick Change Sealing System Infographic

SP 8000 Sales Sheet - Easy on lines. Easy on operators.

ShurSEAL Quick Change Sealing System Sales Sheet

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