FlexPack Taping System

For Packing Station Applications
ShurSEAL Folded-Edge Hand Dispenser

FlexPack Taping System with Folded-Edge® Technology

Designed for packaging station applications in a variety of industries and environments, the FlexPack Taping System is a multi-axis, manual taping solution that eliminates the frustration and downtime associated with traditional hand-held tape dispensers. An excellent 5S addition to packaging operations, this stationary solution enhances efficiency and organization in end-of-line packaging operations by allowing for the consolidation of hand taping to a single point and replacing mobile hand dispensers that are easily misplaced.

  • Compact, stationary design mounts to a wall or table-top workstation
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Utilizes machine length packaging tape rolls to minimize tape roll changeovers
  • Patented Folded-Edge Technology reinforces seal strength and creates a ready-to-open case seal
  • Retractable/pivoting safety blade shields users from accidental contact

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Minimize Tape Waste

Minimize Tape Waste

The FlexPack Taping System is designed to encourage better case seals and efficient tape consumption with less waste.
Improve Ergonomics

Improve Ergonomics

A lightweight, ergonomic design helps provide a better user experience.
Organize Packaging Operations

Organize Packaging Operations

Multiple design features built into the FlexPack Taping System help boost packaging station organization and productivity.