Folded-Edge Technology

Reinforced Strength - Ready to Open Seals
ShurSEAL Folded-Edge Technology

Folded-Edge Technology

A patented feature on the tape applicator, Folded-Edge® Technology folds the edges of the tape as it’s applied to the carton. This reinforces seal strength and delivers a ready to open case seal that doesn’t require a knife.

  • More reliable tape application results in better production throughput
  • Increased seal strength at major flaps for added security
  • Easy, no-knife opening reduces risk of product damage and worker injury

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Folded-Edge Technology: Easy-to-Open Seals

The ShurSEAL Solution’s folded edge option creates an easy-to-open case seal that doesn’t require a knife or a blade to open. Learn more about how this solution can help protect your products, employees, and bottom line.
Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

The most common way to unpack merchandise is also the most costly. Physical lacerations, lost labor, and damaged goods are frequent side effects of using a box cutter to open a package and cost manufacturers $15 billion annually.