Fast Tape Application for High-Speed Operations

ShurSEAL, SP 7000, Videos

Some industrial packaging sealing applications demand high-speed output. But, high-speed tape application can make wiping down the tape difficult, increasing the risk of an unsecure seal.

ShurSEAL tape application technology is engineered with several features that are beneficial in high-speed settings, allowing you to run up to 180 feet per minute.

Most importantly, the wipe-down mechanisms are designed to react quickly to cartons, which keeps the pressure on the carton surface to create secure seals. Additionally, the dancer arm keeps a consistent exit point for the tape, which keeps the tension steady and reduces over spin. Finally, the tape applicator is designed with one major spring that allows for three different position settings, allowing you to switch from high-speed for full cartons to soft-touch for under-filled cartons without adding – or storing – extra parts.

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