HP 235 Packaging Tape: Better Bond for Recycled Cartons

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HP 235 Packaging TapeSome carton sealing applications require a specialized packaging tape, including recycled cartons. As the recycled content of corrugated cartons increases, so does the volume of kraft fibers and fillers, which can affect packaging tape’s ability to create a secure seal.

Shurtape HP 235 packaging tape is designed specifically for sealing highly recycled corrugated cartons, particularly 100 percent recycled. It’s crafted with an enhanced adhesive that offers higher shear, tack and adhesion to produce better seals.

When combined with the unmatched wipe-down force provided by PrimeLoc tape heads, more of the tape’s adhesive is used, producing consistent and secure seals. This added pressure allows the tape’s adhesive to entangle deep within the fibers of the carton, resulting in increased fiber tear when the tape is removed to offer tamper-evident security.


Packaging Sustainability Infographic

Packaging Sustainability Infographic

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