Flex Pack Organize Packaging OperationsBecause they are small and portable, traditional hand-held tape dispensers are prone to “walk away,” leading to wasted time and frustration for workers who can’t find the dispenser needed to manually seal cartons.

Mounted to a wall or table-top workstation, the FlexPack system allows for the consolidation of hand taping to a single point and ensures the tape dispenser won’t disappear from the packaging station – making it an excellent 5S addition to packing stations.

The FlexPack Taping System also boosts packaging station organization – and productivity – via:

  • All-Around Functionality: 360-degree rotation, depending on mounting position and relative surroundings
  • Easy Adjustment: telescoping height adjustment accommodates various carton sizes
  • Compact and Durable Design: constructed of lightweight aluminum, coated steel and high-impact plastic
  • Flexible Mounting Options: wall mount or table-top mount via a hard mount or c-clamp to accommodate a variety of sealing environments