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3 Factors to Consider for Direct Fulfillment Centers (DFC) and Single Parcel Shipments for More Secure Carton Seals

When it comes to direct fulfillment centers (DFC) and single parcel shipments there's a lot riding on your packaging tape. Rough rides, rigorous handling – your boxes and case seals are sure to encounter the works. In fact, according to PMMI, direct to consumer (DTC)...

Raising the Bar: Overcoming Common Case Sealing Issues

As a manufacturer, overcoming common case sealing issues like tape not sticking, unsecure seals, and product loss from damage and theft is a matter of selecting the right combination of packaging tape and tape application method. These must work together, along with...

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What Does Hold Strong® Technology in Packaging Tape Deliver?

Designing and manufacturing packaging tapes with Hold Strong® technology is not only our model when it comes to crafting these tapes today, it’s also part of our heritage. As a company founded in 1880 as a manufacturer of twine and cordage used to close boxes that...

Case Sealing Chargebacks Hitting Your Bottom Line?

The supply chain that packaged goods go through after leaving the manufacturer is rigorous – cartons will often ride several miles on conveyors through distribution centers, subjecting them to heavy vibration and compression before reaching the retailers’ ship trailer...

How can Folded Edge Technology give case sealing issues the fold?

Case sealing doesn’t need to wreak havoc on your operation. With Folded Edge Technology, you can give case sealing issues the fold.

Going Knifeless on Your Mind?

...if so, you're not alone! Safety is a high priority in carton sealing operations, and recently, some manufacturers have taken additional steps to combat workplace injury with new regulations and requirements for their suppliers. We’ve been hearing more and more in...

L-Clip Sealing

The FE Hand Dispenser is designed for manual case sealing applications, including L-Clip tape sealing.