Packaging Tapes

Case Sealing Chargebacks Hitting Your Bottom Line?

The supply chain that packaged goods go through after leaving the manufacturer is rigorous – cartons will often ride several miles on conveyors through distribution centers, subjecting them to heavy vibration and compression before reaching the retailers’ ship trailer...

Get an Edge on Case Sealing

Case sealing doesn’t need to wreak havoc on your operation. With Folded-Edge Technology, you can give case sealing issues the fold.

Going Knifeless on Your Mind?

...if so, you're not alone! Safety is a high priority in carton sealing operations, and recently, some manufacturers have taken additional steps to combat workplace injury with new regulations and requirements for their suppliers. We’ve been hearing more and more in...

L-Clip Sealing

The FE Hand Dispenser is designed for manual case sealing applications, including L-Clip tape sealing.

Threading the Folded-Edge Hand Dispenser

Threading a new roll of packaging tape into the Folded-Edge Hand Dispenser is quick and easy.

Knives Are Cutting Into Your Profits

Don’t let traditional case sealing methods damage your goods or cause injury.

Are You In The Know?

The end-of-line is broken. It’s time to fix the problem.

Visible Tape Length Indicators to Control Tab Length

Visible tape length indicators control tab length to help reduce wasted packaging tape.

Retractable Safety Blade Helps Prevent Accidental Cuts

The retractable safety blade design helps prevent accidental cuts to workers.

Single Strip Tape Application for More Efficient Tape Usage

Visible markers provide straight taping guidance to help workers deliver a secure carton seal.