Prime Alert Detects 5 Case Sealing Issues

Prime Alert, SP 7000

ShurSEAL - Prime Alert Tape Monitoring SystemIn high-volume manufacturing operations, there’s no time for downtime. But, issues with carton sealing equipment, such as an uncut case or break in the tape, can bring operations to a halt, wasting time and money. Even something seemingly “harmless” like a case jam can cause critical failures that could potentially shut down the packaging line.

With the Prime Alert tape monitoring system, operators have more control on the packaging line, with the ability to immediately address case sealing issues. An add-on feature to ShurSEAL case sealing systems, Prime Alert offers visual and audible alerts to signal five case sealing issues:

  • Low tape
  • No tape
  • Broken tape
  • Uncut tape
  • Case jams

Prime Alert is a self-contained, wireless and self-recharging unit that is easily retrofit ShurSEAL systems. It’s also water-resistant, so can be washed down in sanitary and other like environments.

And, with the optional light tree installed, Prime Alert gives you the flexibility to maintain control of your packaging line, even when you can’t be right there. Prime Alert can also be tied into your programmable logic controller (PLC) system, providing an extra check and balance on your end-of-line operations.


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