Raising the Bar: Overcoming Common Case Sealing Issues

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As a manufacturer, overcoming common case sealing issues like tape not sticking, unsecure seals, and product loss from damage and theft is a matter of selecting the right combination of packaging tape and tape application method. These must work together, along with the packaging machine and corrugated box to ensure cartons are closed securely to keep products inside safe.

Combining HP Series packaging tape and PrimeLoc tape application technology, ShurSEAL® Packaging Solutions are designed for performance and reliability to deliver secure seals every time.

To address issues like tape not sticking and unsecure seals in automated case sealing environments, HP Series packaging tape offers the highest holding power to fiberboard in the industry, creating an instant, permanent bond with cartons. PrimeLoc tape applicators deliver unmatched wipe-down force during the application of the tape for stronger adhesion of the tape to the corrugated surface.

To minimize concerns over product damage due to knife cuts, ShurSEAL® automated Packaging Solutions are also available with Folded Edge® Technology, a feature that folds the edges of the tape along the length of the carton as it’s applied. This technology was created in order to provide better reliability on production lines by solving some of the commonly occurring problems. The folded edge increases the tape’s strength along the edges where it is most vulnerable and allows the carton to be opened without the use of a knife, which reduces the risk of product damage and increased safety for those opening the cartons.


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