L-Clip Sealing

The FE Hand Dispenser is designed for manual case sealing applications, including L-Clip tape sealing.

Folded Edge Technology: Easy-to-Open Seals

The ShurSEAL Solution’s folded edge option creates an easy-to-open case seal that doesn’t require a knife or a blade to open. Learn more about how this solution can help protect your products, employees, and bottom line.

Wipe-Down Force: Secure Seals Every Time

Unmatched wipe-down force of the PrimeLoc tape applicator partnered with the industry’s highest holding power packaging tape creates a secure seal to protect your company’s bottom line.

ShurSEAL Retrofit Options

The ShurSEAL Solution can be retrofit into over 300 packaging machines, including most major brands of case erectors and sealers. Learn more about how ShurSEAL can revitalize your older equipment at minimal cost to give you the best automated case seal in the industry.