A secure, easy-to-open seal is critical to both your bottom line and your reputation. You’ve invested a lot of time and dollars into your product.

You’ve put countless hours and effort into its development, in creating quality measures, in designing eye-catching packaging, and even in shipping to ensure it gets to its destination intact. Essentially, you rely on that product – and carton – to make a great first impression.

Unfortunately, packaging issues along the supply chain can affect your company’s image – and your production efficiency.

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*Shurtape® is an authorized distributor of PrimeLoc Packaging, Inc.; PrimeLoc is a trademark of PrimeLoc Packaging, Inc.
**Measurements derived using a Chatillon® force gauge on a box sealed with 1.9 mil packaging tape.
***Multiple patents pending by PrimeLoc Packaging, Inc.; Patented – US 8,393,375

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