ShurSEAL® Packaging Solutions – Double-Down on Case Sealing Success

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For many manufacturers, end-of-line packaging – where goods are placed and sealed into secondary packaging like corrugated cartons – serves as one of the last lines of defense to ensure finished goods arrive to their final destination in excellent, saleable form.

It’s a common process in manufacturing facilities across a variety of industries, but doesn’t always carry the same approach.

Manual labor, for example, is still used by some manufacturers for tasks like picking and packing. Others, searching for opportunities to improve the efficiency
of their operation by enhancing uptime, reducing labor costs and minimizing material waste, have moved to automation for everything from case forming and packing to sealing and palletizing.

Here, we’ll focus on case taping and sealing – a small, but critical, function of the overall end-of-line system – as well as discuss how folding the edge of the tape as it’s applied can enhance the reliability of the seal, the productivity of the line and the safety of those opening the cartons.

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