SSCI Evaluation Improves Case Sealing

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SSCI EvaluationHow Can an SSCI Evaluation Improve Case Sealing Operations?

An SSCI – or Single Shift Continuous Improvement – Evaluation is a process that generates a simple, data-based comparison of your “current state” case packing, sealing and palletizing operations to that same operation with a ShurSEAL automated case sealing solution installed.

During this evaluation, we use our ShurFlo Technology to identify issues that could be negatively impacting your bottom line, including:

Tape usage/waste: including the amount of tape used per case, as well as discarded due to application issues
Tape application defects: including no tape, broken tape, loose tape, uncut tape and variations in tab lengths
Machine downtime: to determine root causes such as correction of tape application defects, tape jams and tape roll changeovers
Manual labor: associated with reworking improperly taped cases, clearing tape jams and tape roll changeovers

Once the evaluation is complete, details of the “current state” versus “ShurSEAL state” are delivered to you via an SSCI Report, which highlights incidents of machinery stoppage/failure, manual labor requirements to repair and recover from issues, financial costs related to such issues and more.

The evaluation is completed in a single, 8-hour shift so there’s minimal interruption to production, and provides quantifiable, real-life data that can be used to improve your case sealing operations. Contact us now to learn more about our SSCI process or to schedule a no cost, no risk evaluation of your case sealing operations.

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