What Does Hold Strong® Technology in Packaging Tape Deliver?

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Designing and manufacturing packaging tapes with Hold Strong® technology is not only our model when it comes to crafting these tapes today, it’s also part of our heritage. As a company founded in 1880 as a manufacturer of twine and cordage used to close boxes that began producing pressure-sensitive tape for the same purpose, we’ve been on a mission – for over a century – to make packaging products that will hold securely.

It’s a tagline that continues to represent our HP Series packaging tapes – in more ways than one.

Here’s what Hold Strong technology in HP Series packaging tape delivers:

Tough and Resilient

It wouldn’t be a product with Hold Strong technology if it broke with any small amount of stress. Tape breaking – either during automated tape application or at a later point in the supply chain – is a common case sealing issue that many manufacturers assume is just a “status quo” frustration that can’t be helped.

The Sticky Truth, however, is that the right packaging tape can reduce (or even eliminate) the occurrence of tape breakage throughout the supply chain.

HP Series packaging tapes are built with a durable BOPP or PET film backing that resists abrasion. When combined with Folded Edge® Technology – a feature of ShurSEAL® automated and manual tape dispensers that folds the edges along the length of the tape as it’s applied – HP Series packaging tape provides a reinforced seal with increased strength along a tape’s most vulnerable failure point (the major flaps), allowing it to resist nicks that are often responsible for tape failure.

Not Easily Removable

The purpose of packaging tape is to keep carton contents secure and protected from pilferage or damage from manufacturer to customer. When packaging tape flags or fails during transit, causing cartons to pop open, the result is lost time and money.

HP Series Holding Power

HP Series packaging tapes are rigorously tested for performance. Here, weights are attached to the tape to test its shear strength.

HP Series packaging tapes offer the highest holding power to fiberboard in the industry. Holding power, or shear strength, is a measure of the adhesive’s ability to resist slippage or stress, simulating the tape’s ability to hold the major flaps of a carton closed. Using a tape with high holding power helps reduce the risk of cartons popping open and protects contents from loss or damage. It also means that removal of the tape results in visible fiber tear, deterring potential thieves from pilferage.

Strong Enough to Withstand the Rigors of the Job

Or – in this case – the supply chain. Cartons often ride several miles of conveyors through distribution centers, subjecting them to heavy vibration and stress. Failed case seals have major negative impacts here – not only in the cost of rework, returns, and damaged goods, but also in costly chargebacks that many large retailers are imposing on suppliers whose packaging is not robust enough to withstand the rigors of the supply chain.

HP Series packaging tapes are purpose-built for packaging, all the way from the packaging line through transportation to the customer. They have been tested to ensure reliability and strength, even in automated pick-and-place palletization applications. In these situations, the tape needs to be strong enough to maintain adhesion even when the weight of the carton’s contents is bearing on it. HP Series passes the test, making it a solution that you can be confident in.

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