Why is Wipe-Down Force Important in Case Sealing?

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Because most packaging tapes are pressure-sensitive, they require some type of wipe-down force to create a strong bond to the carton. Proper pressure drives the tape’s adhesive into the corrugate, allowing the adhesive to entangle itself deep within the fibers of the carton to create a secure seal.

Most automated tape heads wipe-down tape via two rollers, often positioned at the front and rear of the unit. In many cases, this doesn’t provide sufficient pressure, especially if you’re sealing under-filled cartons.

The charts below depict the amount of pressure that would be applied to a piece of tape on an under-filled carton. Red signifies a significant amount of wipe-down force. Without proper pressure, the tape’s adhesive is not fully engaged and cartons are sealed insecurely, which may result in product damage, contamination, or theft. Offering multiple, flexible wipe-down mechanisms that allow for full utilization of the tape’s adhesive, the PrimeLoc tape applicator generates a more consistent pressure profile, resulting in secure seals that, when needed, offer visual evidence via fiber tear that the tape has been removed or tampered with.Wipe-down Pressure Comparison

*Tests measured the amount of force tape applicators apply to the sides and top of an under-filled box; Nip impression paper was used to determine the amount of force applied

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